What the best way to fade one video to another with different aspectratio?

  • Hi All!

    In my Isadora projects i use Video Mixer Actor to fade one to another. All works fine except case of videos have different aspetratio: in fading time output video-stream change aspectratio. I think that most of you knows what I mean...
    What do you recomend to use to make "smooth" fading(without changing output video aspectratio) dispite of different aspectratio?
    Note: My project builded as a player. For each show I just load new videos to Isadora library, so aspectration could be any. So, I need multipurpose tool.
    Note 2: Main goal is to display any video in fullscreen mode(any video streched to size of output screen/stage) on three Video-walls
  • Izzy Guru


    Well if you don't care that some videos are stretched you just have to define the default resolution in your Isadora settings: Isadora-->preferences-->video (set default resolution and set **when combining video: scale to default resolution.**
    Best Michel