Unable to connect 2 video inputs to video mixer when both videos are run through separate effects

  • Not sure if I am phrasing this correctly; I will post a pic for reference.  Basically, I've got a sound level watcher hooked up to dot size, to which one of the movie players are connected.  Player 1 goes to video mixer, and there's no problem.   But then I have another movie player hooked up to another effect like threshold, and I can't connect it to video 2 input of the mixer.  Is this a glitch, or am I just unable to connect 2 movies with effects to a mixer?  I'm running the latest version of Isadora, and it's been a while since I've even used the older versions so I'm out of the loop. I'd appreciate any insight.


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    Dots its working in CPU and Movie Player normaly output GPU. You can make the connexion (I have done it) making it in this order:
    Movie Player 1 / Dots / Video Mixer / Threshold / Movie Player 2 / projector / sound level watcher
    But its not very good for performances to use CPU, there is an announcement for dots in GPU but I don't know when. There is also a way to do a GPU DOTS with GLSL shader but that's more difficult…

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    It's because the Movie is GPU and the other other Movie (with dots) is CPU.

    If you remove the input 1 connection in the image above, then connect input two first, THEN add the first input it may force everything to be GPU based.
    I can see that both files are AV (AVFoundation) so both are GPU based, so its basically just the workflow.
    Please report back and let us know how you get on. 

  • Thank you both!! Based on what you said, I tried using GPU to CPU conversion run from both movie players, and was able to use effects on them.


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