Kinect as a infrared camera

  • Hello,
    I dont have a kinect yet and no experience with it. But I wonder if I can use kinect just as a infrared-camera. For video installation made with Isadora. I need to see if somebody is moving in the room. I made tests already with a normal webcam togehter with the difference-actor and everything works fine. But since the video will be diplayed in a dark room I need something that works without external light.The beamerlight will probably be to low, so that my normal webcam can see anything. Does anybody have experience with that or an other suggestion how to get an inexpensive solution for that?

    Would be happy about any hints,

  • Izzy Guru

    Yes I believe you can do this via Processing. You have to change a mode in the processing patch. It's pretty easy to get sorted once you get going.

  • Hello,

    I am working at the moment on an installation with kinects. Yes you can obtain easily IR image with it in Processing, but if you want it in Isadora you need to send it via syphon.
    The Processing sketch provided in the Isadora-Kinect tutorial is a good start, to have the IR image, you have to
    – replace "int kCameraImageMode = kCameraImage_User; " by "int kCameraImageMode = kCameraImage_IR; " into these lines and you receive the IR image by Syphon.
    // --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    // --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    int kCameraImage_RGB = 1;                // rgb camera image
    int kCameraImage_IR = 2;                 // infra red camera image
    int kCameraImage_Depth = 3;              // depth without colored bodies of tracked bodies
    int kCameraImage_User = 4;               // depth image with colored bodies of tracked bodies
    int kCameraImageMode = kCameraImage_User; // << Set thie value to one of the kCamerImage constants above

  • oh, wow, ok, thanks. Then will try to get startet with processing and check out syphon. I tryied to find a inrared-camera, just to plug it in vis usb and its done, but there just doesnt seem to be something like that in the market.

  • Izzy Guru

    You can hack PS3 eyecam's but they aren't perfect. Cheap though!

  • With most of the USB cam, you can take out the infrared filter and you have a IR + visible camera (light Sont "night-shot")

  • Hey Jaques and Graham,
    yes I had that already in mind and took out the filter of my old webcam. Just that my new Windows 10 didnt support it. I will buy a new one and make a test. But I will have to set a an extra IR-light I guess?

  • yeah - you'd need an extra IR light. projectors don't beam out very much IR. if you want it dark in the room, you need pure IR light. this can be done with a security flood array of IR LEDs, but be aware that these give a very narrow beam. It can be done with a theatre lantern with an IR pass filter (cheapest method is a bunch of red, blue and green filters to block out the visible light - but this is going to be more short-term - the filters will burn through after a few hours)

    that's why Kinect is practical - it has its own IR light source. you just need some kind of application to get the image into Isadora.
  • Tech Staff


    I am also working with both Kinect V2 and PS3eye right now. The kinect v2 I am building a tool (openframeworks) that shares the video, and skeleton data (Spout and OSC).
    The PS3eye, a project for a festival. It is being used to do IR tracking.
    Are you working with Kinect 1 or 2 ?
    If you are using the kinect V2, pm me and I can share a exe that outputs, the IR feed for you.
  • Tech Staff

    I just hacked a ps3 eye, and used the disk from within a old iomege zip disk, as the visible light filter.. seems to work rather well.. 
    I am curious if it works better than a standard floppy disks film.

  • so finally I use a webcam, took out the IR-filter und put in a peace of developed negativeflm. Then I set up a extra light (normal bulb with 3x ND-filter infront of it) and everything works perfectly!