AirServer compositing with 'Syphon Receiver'

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    I had an opportunity to revisit AirServer with the 'Syphon Receiver' within Isadora. It has been around for a while and AirServer's implementation of Syphon is pretty good. I can see potential for Isadora to embed support for AirPlay.
    Here are my observations notes and here is a link to the [screen capture of the test]

    If you have a few Macs around with Isadora projects loaded you can composite their output via Airplay/AirServer/Isadora/Syphon Receiver. I had 2 x Isadora patches on different systems going to a 3rd control system via AirServer. I also managed combinations of iOS devices (a couple of iPhones and iPad). Using AirServer and Syphon to transfer the Isadora Stage video presentation from the 2x MBP source systems into a control system for compositing and outputting the third combined stage video presentation.

    3 x MBP | OSX 11.10.5 | Isadora 2.2.2 usb & 2.4.5b09 usb | wireless network 5G | AirServer 7.0.1

    Set up the control system with a dual monitor.

    Create an Isadora patch on the control system to receive the 2 x syphon streams and place the patch interface on the second monitor.

    Use OSX System Preferences/Displays on the source systems to activate AirPlay Displays send to the control system running AirServer.
    AirServer takes over the screen on the control system : remedy, use OSX System Preferences/Mission Control/Hot Corners to activate a screen corner to display Application Windows (I have contacted AirServer about the implication of blacking out the desktop but got no response).

    Start the Isadora patch on each of the source systems and output the stage.

    By now the Syphon Receivers in the control system Isadora patch will offer the two incoming video streams at the nodes ‘Server’ inputs.

    Composite the streams within the control patch to output as required.

    One recurring bug : When using 'esc' key on the control system in AirServer (to get back the desktop) one of the streams was immediately terminated and the Isadora patch on the source computer crashed.

    Not sure if the AirServer implementation is going to be comfortable in a show/professional situation, but with a few software tweaks by the developers AirServer would be very useful for multi-system compositing in Isadora.