• Hello ,

    I am very new with Isadora, still exploring the demo
    and testing with quite good success the use of a logitech C910 HD webcam.
    So I was trying to optimize the quality by changing the compression type in the video capture settings
    when suddenly, the menu just refuse the access of all the codecs, so only the device codec appear

    have you experience such behaviour ?

    anyway Isadora is a great realisation, congrats


  • Hi,

    Would you give a bit more details about your setup ( OS, isadora version etc... ) please.

  • Dear Eryck,

    Are you on Mac or PC? Were you changing the codec after clicking the "Settings..." button? If so, I would recommend that you do not change those settings. The codec that is chosen in this window is always the best one. If you choose another one, it is likely that Quicktime will need to decompress/recompress the data. So really, it's not a good idea to do this.
    Or are you referring to the "Quality" setting in the Live Capture Window? This only has an effect on some cameras... on others, it may not change anything. 
    Anyway... if you can be more specific, we can give you more help.
    Best Wishes,

  • Sorry to being late for response,

    and yes thanks for the advice, so I'll keep the default codec setting



  • Izzy Guru

    I got the 510 version webcam today and had no problems.

  • thx, problem solve now,

    I will be more specific next time.
    Great forum anyway, and great software !!