No cue sheet trigger with crtl+space in 2.4

  • hello,
    on my win 10 laptop the trigger for cues out of the cue sheet with crtl+space does not work.
    on the same machine with 2.2, everything works fine,
    is it an bug or has the control changed in this case?

  • hello again.

    another issue is that on windows (7/8/10) for long time the status line on bottom of cue sheet does not update or show the correct current or next cue title.

    is it a setup thing or a bug?


  • Izzy Guru

    This could be a bug. Please submit a bug report for one of the team to look at.


  • hello. sorry it is allways nearly impossible for me to find time to too it. the computer i run the most shows from never gets internet. so how form shout a ha dmade bugreport have in this case. also the perhaps bug with the cues are not ge erating a crash. so no crashreport too. thx r.h.