Creating Triggers from Movie Player Position

  • I am attempting to trigger a scene from the movie player position field. Currently I am using the comparator tool, however if I do not enter an integer to compare to it will not trigger. Since many of these are special effects, I would like to be able to trigger @ say "4.235" rather than "4". Is there a more precise and yet still simple way I should be looking at?


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    Its important in comparator not to use = but <= or >=. With equal you are not sure to reach the precise number with all the rounding.

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    as @jhoepffner said with all the rounding it does happen that an exact value you are comparing will never show up on the movie player output side, try using the inside range actor there you have better control. 
    Best Michel

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    And in a future version we will have Timecode, so this kind of thing will become much, much easier :-)
    I'm hoping there will be a timecode trigger actor to go with that.

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    Years ago, I had done these user actors with the precious help of Mark.
    I don't know if they are still accurate with new version but if you want to try..
    With TimeCode Trigger by example:
    You have to give the actor the N° of the movie you are playing, his framerate and connect the output position of the movie player to the position input of the actor.


    d6eb08-timecode-jump-1.0.iua e0fac6-timecode-trigger-1.0.iua 07cfb6-timecode-view.iua

  • Thanks All!


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