Isadora v2.5 - Final Candidate (v2.4.5b10) is available

  • For those of you working with the v2.5 beta, please download the latest version which I've posted today.
    **IMPORTANT:** refresh this page before attempting to download. Sometimes the links are not updated if you do not refresh.
    This version fixes two bugs: 1) a crash when using the virtual stage and going between the preview and full screen mode, and 2) an error when reading old Isadora files with non-English characters like ü, ç, ê, etc.
    Best Wishes,

  • @mark

    perhaps I am too quick
    Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help.
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  • Dear @jhoepffner: Try refreshing the page in your browser

  • Dear @Mark,

    Concerning non-english characters, two problems are solved
    – first and most important, no crash when opening a patch with accent in scene name
    – no crash when Trigger Text sent text with accent to a Text edit control
    But there is still a problem with radio button, menu items with accent doesn't appear, but no crash.
    See the screen capture.
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  • Dear Mark or Izzy team,

    Do you know if v2.5 beta or (2.0 in general) could run in demo mode with it's features functioning, or will it return back to 1.0's function?  
    Thank you!

  • @chimerik,

    It will run as 2.0.
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  • Not sure if it is something up with my little used windows 10 install, but when I try this version of Isadora for windows in trial mode it crashes when I open the mapper.

  • @DusX - for you? Crashes with the mapper?

  • @mark It crashes when I try to save a patch with the error attached.

    The bug report is submitted.


  • Tech Staff


    Yes... I am having issues in Demo mode. None so far when in registered mode.
    I just submitted a crash report. Described as: "opening and using mapper in demo mode"
    The report points at QuickTime as the cause.
    I have been able to repeat this numerous times now.
    Opening is not always the trigger, sometimes some basic editing is required.. and sometimes you can open/edit/close a couple times. (twice in my case)
    **NOTE:** This may only be occuring with certain codecs. Using a MP4 from my Canon DSLR, I can repeat this easily.. with HAP or WMV I can not.
    I am entering a forum bug report.
    @Fred, what codec are the videos you are trying to map?

  • I have lost my Isadora registration 2.4.5b09 so I have now been reverted to Demo mode.
    Not sure whether this happened when Windows 10 installed updates, or when I attached an external hard drive. Shouldn't have happened in either case.
    Have not attempted to installed b10 in case it makes things worse.



  • Beta Gold

    No problem opening with multiple copies of Isadora and I didn't lose my registration under Sierra 10.12.1

  • @mark_m – it's the external hard drive. This issue has come up from time to time before (it's not specific to the beta), but I've never been able to repro it.

    Some questions.
    1) What is your main hard drive letter? Is it C:\ or something else
    2) What letter does the OS assign to the external drive when it mounts?
    (@ArmandoIt's a windows issue only.)
    Best Wishes,