Syphon stage output resolution

  • The resolution of the syphon stage output is NOT controlled by the Isadora default resolution, instead its controlled by the preview stage size.
    Might be useful to know
    Isadora 2.4.5b9

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    It's the reason I prefer to use the FFGL syphon actors.
    – with Syphon Server you are not linked to a stage output and it's not necessary to have a projector. So what you send is what you get
    – with Syphon Client, you can choose the input resolution. The only default is you must know the name of app and server but you can use native Syphon receiver to note it.
    And for my experience it's more stable and I have less problems with some FFGL effects.

  • thanks. good intel

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    Hi Jacques,

    Where did you find FFGL Syphon actors ?
    I searched in Izzy 2.4.5b10 but didn't find them.

    Any link ?


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    I found this :

    But there no place to find "Syphon Client.bundle" nor "Syphon Server.bundle"..

    Sorry for my incompetence..

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    THANK YOU Fubbi !
    Works great..


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