• Hi all,
    I'm in test phase for a forthcoming project.
    I'm trying to connect 3 webcams to isadora.
    I tried both with Izzy 2.2.2 and latest 2.4.5b10.
    My config is in my signature, I used my MBP Two Logitech c920 fullHD and one PS3Eye (macam drivers). Project is 1920x1080 @ 50fps.
    Every cam is on the same USB3.0 active HUB.
    There seems to be a conflict when 2 c920 are on the same port. Activating the first, avoids the second to run.

    The strange thing is that Modul8 handles it well. (3 webcams on the same hub + facetime)

    For the final project I'd like to connect simultaneously at least 3 logitech c920 fullHD on the same HUB (4 would be awesome !)

    Is it a bug or a limitation ?
    bug report or not ?


  • (I also have page settings problems on the Isadora forum I cannot solve..!) Sorry..

  • Tech Staff

    This is a known issue. Connecting usbĀ cams of the same make and model requires the cams to use different USB hosts (a different port on the machine may not be a different host)

    Please feel free to enter this as a bug report/feature request. (link in my signature)
    If M8 is able to handle the configuration, so should Isadora.

  • Bug Report sent !

  • Tech Staff

    Got it.

  • As you said DusX, connecting two usb WebCams on the same port isn't stable.
    My solution is to "create" a third USB3 port on the Macbook with a thunderbolt-USB3 adapter.