• Talking about a user actor input. If you have an input set to on/off that starts a timed process (on), once the process terminates, how can one update the user input to the new state (off)?


  • Hello Fubbi,

    I think you should look at what is feeding that Input.
    Otherwise, when you click on input of the user actor you still have the "Initialize" option that will work when you open the scene (trigs automatically when you're opening the scene)
    What is the source coming into your user actor ?

  • The source is manually switching the input to "on". I can always do a trigger input and then it does not matter because there is no state, but I would love to find out if there is a way to do it without connecting anything to the input.

    I think its time to bump my old feature request, to be able to broadcast values to the control ID directly and not via the controls. That would do it...

  • @fubbi , can you post your patch with a comment next to the user actor you want to control ?

    yes, a button to the control ID could be a solution.
    do you have a MIDI controller or working with your mouse?

  • Hi @mabo

    Doing it from the outside of the user actor is easy.The question is how to do it without attaching anything to the input. Which is a trick question I guess:)
    Here you go


  • indeed a tricky trick question. the problem, as I see it, is that if an input is set to on/off, then it has no initialize value, so you can't do Ryan's neat User Actor On/Off scene reset.

    would Snapshots work? (I've never used them)
    I tried linking out to an invisible control panel, but had no joy there. i think the only way to do it would be to cheat and link something to the input to trigger it back to Off. Or cheat and change the properties from on/off to something more manageable.

  • yes thanks for checking it out. I have just posted a feature extensive feature request that would solve this


  • @fubbi: i did it with a snapshot.4f614f-terminator.izz

  • @dbini

    That actor was just a demo of the problematic. I don't really need a countdown :)
    Snapshots are not going to work in a complex scene with a lot of different parallel processeses.