Refresh rate problem or not?

  • Hi!
    I'm trying to fix a video problem since one month. I will try to explain it simply with my approximate english.
    I project on the floor with a EPSON EB425W, and I film with a Blackmagic Pocket Camera, and I project the captation on the vertical screen.
    The projector is in 1920*1080 / 60Hz. I tried to configure the camera in 25fps, 29.7fps, 30fps. On Isadora I configured the output video signal in 60fps, I also tried in 30.
    The kind of deformation that you can see on the pictures doesn't move. The "center" of the deformation depends of the videoprojector's position.
    For now, I think it's not a refresh rate problem (it doesn't move at all), and i suppose it's an optical problem between the short throw projector and the camera. But it's only suppositions and I can't try an other projector for now, if somebody has an idea or a solution, i'll be glad to read it!
    Thank you very much, (and sorry for the english...) !
    fe1e46-trame2.jpeg f9a246-trame1.jpeg

  • I cant figure out what part of your image is deformed. please describe the effect

  • Do you mean the moire effect on the wall projection? or the keystone problem?

  • Izzy Guru

    I think its the live feed and projector frames not matching so you get a strange out of sync frame tearing? Not sure.