Feature request: Expanded broadcast system

  • The internal broadcasting of information could get more love.
    Here are some ideas, in order of complexity:
    1\. Filters on the broadcasters and listeners to ranges of channels and other comparisons - similar to the midi actors.
    2\. Add "channel" as an option in the input settings of an actor so the broadcaster can speak directly to inputs. This could have a huge impact on the amount of connections one makes and be a tool to clean up a patch made in battle mode.
    3\. Add a global broadcaster. I guess it would have to be a setting window somewhere to set up global routes for variables to broadcast between scenes (cueing them up in a buffer to be implemented when the scene loads). Imho this would be easier to understand than the data array actor and less opaque than the concurrently activated scene solution.
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    did you try the "set global values" and "get global values" actors? They do cover a few of your wishes.
    Best Michel
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  • wow I actually never saw those :)

    Still That just covers no. 3
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    I think the namespacing of the Global values address #1 and/or #2.. I don't exactly understand what you are looking
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    Is there an efficiency with using filters with a broadcaster? I may not understand the suggestion here @fubbi. As an example, if serial data has multiple variables within a single stream (say a GPS stream) coming into an isadora port the Serial in Watcher can be routed through Text Parser to 'filter' the string sequence into individual outputs. In this way the GPS data can be separated into longitude, latitude, north, east, day, time etc. Or the Serial in Watcher acts as a filter directly, for example, only 'seeing' a specific data label from a microcontroller.
    Is the suggestion here that there is, potentially, automatic parsing of output variables to input sub-actors in active sub-scenes - analogous to the way controls are assigned to the control sub-panel actors?
    It would be great if an actor's output and/or input variable can be assigned a broadcast ID link - similar to 'Ctr ID link' of the parameter setting panel. That way efficiencies are created by 1\. not requiring broadcaster and listener actors (or get/set global values actors) between scenes and sub-scenes 2\. an automatic numbering of data channels that are being parsed (similar to the automatic numbering of control ID's)
    I would add to this a feature request for more nonlinear functionality in activating and deactivating parent/control scenes and sub-scenes through the scene list. Perhaps a series of familiar keystrokes that activate/deactivate sub-scenes for example, option/shift select to activate a sub-scene in the scene list.

  • I made a illustration. The essence of the idea is reducing connections by broadcasting directly to inputs, wherever they are. And in a perfect world, with an option to do so global across scenes. And also to expand the broadcast actors capabilities, which I now understand is less relevant since there is the global values actor.
    @bonemap exactly, just like the control ID link