Downgrading Isadora to 1.3: How to not loose registration on Windows?

  • I have a Windows License for Izzy v1, and tried to run latest Isadora 2 with it but can't save files (Isadora complains about UIzzyUtils –– see attached screenshot).

    So I would like to use version 1.3, since I don't need v2 features for now.
    The Isadora 1.3 installer tells me to deinstall previous version of Isadora through control panel.
    Question: Will this removal of Isadora v2 delete the current registration? If so, how can I save the registration to be honored by v1.3?


  • Tech Staff

    Your registration files are found at: C:\ProgramData\TroikaTronix

    You can simply rename your currently one to save it.
    I have numerous licenses for testing, and I just save each with a descriptive filetype (eg: V2user)
    PS: you can install multiple copies of Isadora, see:
    NOTE: the registration file will need to be swapped depending on the version you want to run. (the same filename is used for V1 and V2 registrations)

  • @DusX –– Thanks!