Stage export- not record rendering mapping

  • I am using brightsings more and more, they are great and together with Isadora can be really interesting (just need plain UDP out of Izzy for perfect control). One common workflow is to create warped mapped images on site for installations and then play them back through a brightsign.

    I would love to use Izzy for this, but I am not sure about the record stage processing. It should be able to do faster than real time for some geometry right (at least for one stage at a time)- what about multiple stages at a time?
    Has anyone else come to this workflow? Any tips- so far I am using After effects- not sure if I just trust it more in exporting frames? Does anyone else need more features? Is Isadora capable of faster than realtime export?
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    I have only used brightsign boxes for straight time sync of pre-recorded video installation. One unit as a master linked to additional units within a network. The small form factor makes them great for touring, but I hadn't considered them as being flexible enough to integrate with Isadora. Perhaps they are worth another look. Although, I am more inclined to consider a couple of mac mini's to network Isadora patches.
    I also want to see UDP send and receive in Isadora and considering working on a plug-in for this.
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    I also tried the workflow as you did. One problem is, if I have 2 Movies that should play on 2 Brightsigns in sync I get added black frames in Isadora. I would like to have the option in Isadora to export from first to last frame automatically. But starting the movie then starting the recording always adds black frames and you have to be there to stop at the right time and then have to cut away the additional frames. And the real time export (if you have 2 movies of 25 minutes) is really taking to long and if you have to redo it, it can take hours. What we do now is use this [AE syphon plugin]( (the free version) and then I get the After Effects output via syphon to Isadora that goes fullscreen to the projector and do the mapping in After Effects. Though I would definitely prefer doing all in Isadora.
    Best Michel

  • @bonemap I really like the boxes, they are super flexible and do a lot of surprising stuff, they are limited but could well have their place in a show depending on your needs - (especially if we can straight UDP).

    @[Michel](  yes, I guess the current stage recorder is based around real time interaction, for this purpose it could be great to have a non real time interaction output (kind of export mode) for this.
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    I think the stage recorder will have to change with the removal of QuickTime (pretty sure ;)