• Hello All,
    I'd like to suggest a function (Maybe I already have on old forum)
    It would be great to have the possibility to save Isadora's full preferences (resolution, fps, stages...) either in a single file ("Save/load Isadora's preferences"), either in the patch file itself..
    Working on many different projects, it's not convenient to have to re-configure the software each time you switch from a patch to another..

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  • what os r u on ( looking at this on mobile device and not seeing the signature line )? maybe it"s not exactly relevent but i ask as my suggestion is to have a log in for each project. i use this method, it helps me to keep track of all the media content and hardware configurations.

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    I would like to second this suggestion. I would prefer to have it saved as a separate file versus having it saved into the patch itself.

  • yep - local preference files would be awesome.

  • also - i just found out today that Live Capture Settings seem to be local to scenes. this is proving to be a problem with my Video In Watcher freezing when going from scene to scene because the Input Settings have changed. i think i'm going to try running a Video In -> broadcaster in the background, and have each scene listen to that channel.

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    I would motion for both inside the patch and as external. That it uses the external of the same name unless missing, and then defaults to the internally saved version.
    This would make it work the same as global actors I believe. allowing multiple projects to share pref, but remain portable.

  • Well, what I want to do is to simply move the Preference settings into the document itself. There's all kinds of good reasons for doing this. It means changing the file format though... and will require a lot of programming changes under the hood. (E.g., imagine that one document is set to 30fps, and the other is 25fps... it's a basic assumption of the code as it is now that there is one frame rate for everything.)

    So one thing we should discuss is _what_ specifically would be local to the file. For instance, the Stage Settings should definitely be in the file. Making _everything_ local to the file will be problematic for some settings as described above.
    For sure the Live Capture Settings should be local to the file.
    What else?
    @dbini: I can assure you that the Live Capture Settings are global, and not tied to the Scene or File. Something else is going on.
    Best Wishes,
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    Hi all, (again congrats Mark!!!)

    I'd suggest
    Sound output config (question though: since I use often 8 channel fo out sound there is no way to make Izzy write preferences in Apple "Audio Midi setup"? I suppose not).
    Record stage settings in Output menu
    Compression settings also in Output menu
    Enable YUV/RGB
    VERY IMPORTANT!!!! (at least for me)
    Edit Grid Settings in View menu!!!! (even in saved docs it ALWAYS come back to 24 so when I edit a control over time the first thing to do is always to change the edit grid settings )
    LIve capture settings would really be good. But there's a catch.
    Hitting the button settings from the live capture settings window leads to an Apple (I suppose) window where Isadora chooses the compression codec for us. Now, despite we can choose another codec Izzy takes me back ti thse same codec, so, every time I launch a patch ha have to do this first. DOn't knkow if it is possible though. Video window seems to be a mac window.
    Suggestion maybe if someone chooses to embed user actors in a doc only (document toolbox) the doc specific users actors could be saved in a special place (patch folder?). I say this because my Global user actor folder is huge!!!!
    Capture Media Folder too?
    DOn' know if this is the place since there's no pro  discussion list anymore but when I do softedge on pro izzy keeps it in other documents after I quit the patch where i needed soft edge.
    That's about it for me.
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    Mark, I have no idea how hard this would be to implement but what about a matrix grid of tick boxes/radio buttons in a tab or pop up window in which people could select what preferences are to be saved?

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    a great first step would be to have Isadora look for a preference file in the root with the patch (as it does with media.)
    That way once you have a running patch you just copy the preference file to the patch folder, and you are set/portable etc..

  • Stage setting would be a great one for my usage, I allready. asked some years ago!,!! Mercy rainbow