An Important Message regarding Isadora on Mac OS X Sierra

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    Dear Isadora Community,
    Thanks to the insight and feedback of our Isadora users, the TroikaTronix team has discovered a critical issue which negatively impacts Isadora's performance under Mac OS X Sierra. The source of this performance issue appears to be an undocumented change in the way Sierra renders Isadora’s user interface text. As a result, projects which use a very large number of actors, or actors which feature many properties (such as the 3D Particle Generator), may experience significant framerate loss under Sierra when dragging actors or scrolling the user interface. _This slowdown is non-existent or negligible if you are **not** actively editing your patch_.
    While we are aware of the issue and have solutions in the works, a permanent fix for this issue is still under development. Until we have more information from Apple on what exactly is causing this issue, or hopefully a fix from Apple themselves, we strongly recommend Isadora users avoid upgrading their Mac computers to OS X Sierra.
    At this time, we have not encountered this issue on Yosemite or El Captain. Isadora users working with either OS X 10.10 or 10.11 can and should continue to use these operating systems with confidence.
    Thank you for your patience, understanding, and support while we continue to work to make Isadora even better. 
    Best Regards,
    The TroikaTronix Team
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    Hi @mc_monte,

    Thank you for the advice. However, the scenario you have described I have been experiencing in Mac OS 10.11.4/5 El Capitan for some time (i.e. multiple Isadora beta iterations and at least 10.11.4/5). You are right about it being particularly noticeable with 3D Particles, but I would say the scenario is also prevalent in El Capitan—in my experience.

  • I have rolled back to Mac OS 10.11.6 and Izzy 2.4.5 b10 is running smoothly again - no more lag. Best, Paz

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    @Paz that sounds like a good solution for now

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