• Another idea :
    Would it be easy to add a "node" option ?
    An easy way to split a signal everywhere on a wire.


  • Hi,

    Would you explain a bit more precisely what you mean ?
    Do you mean a way to drag an actor anywhere on a string without disconnecting it ?

  • No.
    I meant : by example, you have a big patch with lots of wires and actors.
    You have a trigger wire coming from far plugged into a... trigger value by example.
    You want to add a second trigger value actor, triggered by the same signal.
    You add a "node" on the wire of the first trigger value actor, and add a wire from this "node" to the second trigger value actor : to feed him with the same signal.

    Am I clear ? (my english is sometimes limited, sorry)

  • Ok I think I understand

    I had that kind of issue too.
    I have done myself a user actor for this, with 1 input and 1 output, and nothing inside.
    I hope this helps

  • I usually do a trigger delay actor set to 0. selector actor, router actor and some other pass triggers as well. 

    If you are askin for the possibly of inserting actors without disconnecting and reconnecting wires, it has been discussed before as a feature request.
  • Izzy Guru

    What about broadcast and listener?

  • @keftaparty : I've already done that before, but you have to rewire from the origin of the signal. That's what i'd like to avoid.

    @ skulpture : same thing : you have to rewire.

    I'd like this "node" function to quick modify existing patches. Or to do some quick test on an existing patch.

  • It's a good idea; I would like it too. I'll do my best to add it soon.

    Best Wishes,
  • Tech Staff

    Great. I have a set of 'thru' user actors I use for a similar purpose. This would make things faster and cleaner.