MTC generator on Isadora (Master)

  • Hello.

    I am writing here to discuss the problem that I currently have.
    Basically I would like to send MTC form ISADORA to any other software (most likely lighting program)
    so that I can program lighiting show depending on the timecode that I get.
    I have already tested the opposite way (Pro tools sending MTC to Isadora receving MTC using MTC reader)
    It works so well. Personally I think I dont know how to send midi information as MTC format that other 3rd party can read.
    I have tried with Send Midi Show Control Actor but It does not work
    If anyone knows how to do, please help me~
    thank you for reading

  • Hello,

    At the moment, there is no possibilities to send MTC from Isadora. You can have a quite precise SMPTE message made from position (there is some example of User Actors from Michel or me on the forum) that you can send by OSC, you can try by Sysex, here is the link to the MTC protocol…
    But anyway, the normal way is to use the sample accurate application, DAW with word clock etc. to send MTC to the frame accurate applications like Isadora.
    Even in Max/msp, there is no good implementation of MTC…

  • Or try this

  • Hello,

    Just for the fun (and to exercise my coding) I made a try to send MTC from Isadora, it works for locate but not completely for running MTC.
    Fell free to finish it…
    But reading the Max forum concerning it, I think is a very difficult task.


  • Thank you guys.

    I have figured out this isssue with Maxmsp.
    Since my purpose of getting MTC is to sync Isadora with lighting system.
    I created MTC generator using Maxmsp and built a kind of bridge patch
    between Isadora and Maxmsp using Osc.
    so when a video is being played. the frame information is sent to Maxmsp via osc.
    the Max creates timecode (quarter frame message) and the frame information is again sent
    to the Isadora. then Isadora calculated it as timecode information to display.
    the reason why i did that is the timecode information that Isadora gets and the Maxmsp gets 
    are not accurate ( 8~12 frames difference randomly) perhaps due to the latency.
    thank you very much for you help

  • Hi jsukjin

    Have you tried with dmx?

  • DusX have a dmx actor

    it works very well

  • I would go by using LTC and converting LTC to MTC from something like Lockstep
    You can send the MTC to any other software, and you can play the LTC as an audio track on a movie in Isadora.

  • +1 to what @Fred said. That's a really good solution.

  • Thank you all.

    I have done this job as a company project. Since every software that communicate with Isadora are windows based, I can not go for an app like lockstep.
    I have overcome this issue using Maxmsp. basically I have created an app that generates MTC value on Maxmsp. Then I have made my Isadora session file communicate with the app via OSC so that they are synchronised. The MTC generated by the app is sent to the lighting PC via network MIDI driver.
    Therefore I achieved what I would like.
    Even though my method is not 100% accuracy, it is good enough for lighting memory task.
    Thank you all.

  • Just a few updates, a lot of MOTU interfaces can do LTC to MTC conversion natively:
    And for super duper hardware versions check these LTC to MTC convertors out