• Hello, Dear developers!

    Today Isadora hang again. I've made some screenshots of this "hanging". I hope it gives some information for you about cause of this issue. 
    Screenshots displays process & threads info for Isadora.
    Isadora don't responce for any activity. 
    Beest Regards,

    569710-isadora-handscreenshot.png 50d3fd-isadorahang.png 788564-isadorahang-3.png

  • Unfortunately,Isadora doesnt made any crash-reports after this issue. So I have only ProccessExplorer info for this issue. :(

  • Izzy Guru

    Dear @Mikhail

    If you do have a crash the best way to get help is file a formal bug report. See the link in my signature.
    Best Michel

  • Dear @Mikhail,

    I've take a look at what you posted, but unfortunately it does not give me enough information. Are you using the v2.5 beta? Or v2.2 as it says in your signature line?
    If you are using v2.2, I suggest trying v2.4.5b13 which is online at http://troikatronix.com/isa25beta Make a backup of your file... the file format has changed and once you save in the new version, you won't be able to open the file in v2.2 again.
    Best Wishes,

  • Yes, i used pre-2.4.5 beta(I don't know where to check version in isadora; "about" window show only in #.#, I not sure if this correct) . Now I have updated to newer version. I will tell you, if this issue appears on v2.4.5

  • After two week of using v.2.4.5(I mean last version), hangs are dissappear! Even when I use mov with mp4 codec, Isadora works great!

    Thanks developers team for your work!