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  • Dear Izzy Brain Trust...

    Does anyone know how if its possible to IzzyMap across multiple stages using multiple projectors? That is a single video dynamically stretched across multiple projectors. 
    I can easily split a video feed over a few projectors, but that only works if I already know the size I need, and is too cumbersome to improvise with.
     This is very straightforward in MadMapper and Millumin, but I don't know how this could be done in Isadora.  Maybe I'm missing something? Isadora has other virtues that I would like to be able to use in performance.
    I have a dream of the IzzyMap being separated from the Projector actor, and being able to select areas within the IzzyMap to go to seperate Stages...
     I've tried Syphoning to other mapping software, but my machine really take a performance hit running multiple applications when Syphoning high resolution video, even with HAP. 
    Any suggestions?

  • Hello,

    Questioning the different qualities of mapping in Millumin, Isadora and MadMapper is really a personal choice question!
    I see two possibilities for you
    – my favorite is to send the same image to the 2 or more stages, use the mapping input to split what part of the image go to which projector, leaving some overlap if you need edge blending and then use mapping output to map it as ou want for each projector.
    – use a matrox double or triple head, so you have only one stage, one projector and one mapping. But you doesn't have soft edge margin
    The difference with Millumin is a very philosophical question. In Millumin, the concept is all the displays form one consolidated output,making easier soft edge and mapping for multiple displays for one big image. In Isadora, each player, each output (stage, display) is independent. I tried this summer, for a workshop to do what i had done easily in Isadora, sending one video by syphon to Unity to do 3D mapping, resend it to Isadora for post treatment and corner pin (mapping as in mailman or mad mapper), it was a nightmare in Millumin because you have no real way to send a video to a syphon flow or a specific display.
    Hope that helps,

  • Thanks, yes that is the situation as I see it. But I find it unfortunate that Isadora, which is otherwise so flexible for real time interaction, requires careful planning in this respect, while Millumin, which I find useful for making through-composed synchronized sequences, is so flexible in this one aspect. I'm cross with Matrox for making devices that don't get updated with operating systems and then completely stop working. I have aTH2G but since it's analog now basically it is an expensive paperweight. I also don't like requiring a hardware solution when I actually have multiple video outputs already.

  • I get that it is a philosophical distinction, but I wonder if there is a way to have the mapping applied to the video feed rather than tied to the Projector. That way for example half of the feed's area could each go to seperate Prohectors, but the mapping could be done first, before it is divided.

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    You do a edge blend in the Output -> Stage Setup? f8ca4f-screenshot-2016-10-15-17.11.57.png

  • The edge blend doesn't let me do one mapping accross two projectors, it lets me combine two hands ( or more) that have already been mapped. Great feature, but not what I'm asking.

  • And as for that issue you had  Millumin 2 it is very easy to send a specific video to Syphon by giving it it's own Canvas.

    Just trying to keep the positives of the other software on the table...
    But really the philosophical differences as I see them are between real-time and sequencing.  Both very capable in different ways, but I see this issue as an odd one in that it is an instance of Isadora not being real-time friendly when it generally absolutely excels  in that direction. 
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    This is a known short coming, and solution/s are on the way. (and look beautiful! )

    It won't be in 2.5
    but in the next major release.

  • Thanks

    Sad that this is a known shortcoming, but happy I'm not just dense and very happy that it's being worked on. 
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    I have spoken about this with people before. I guess it just a decision that comes early on in the planning.

    I tend to know the basic Isadora set up before I start mapping so I know what will go where. As DusX says - there are plans. :) 

  • Yeah,I see how this could be dealt with in planning. But planing is not always the best course of action!!!

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    I understand. It was a criticism - just talking aloud. :)

  • Yay plans! But for now, I've got to cool my jets with my ambitions, and do my mapping in Izzy and then Syphon the output to Millumin, listening to my computer's fan attempt lift-off...