• I have the new Sony SRG-360SHE PTZ camera and am attempting to control it via TCP.  I have researched the discussions area and have found examples to the PJlink and a few others but am still mystified as to how to send a hex command via TCP.  I have done this with great success using the serial port setup in the past with other cameras but am now attempting to understand and control the new cameras via TCP.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi,

    I have some user actors I did for a sony RX550\. Maybe you can give a try.
    The patch is very few documented, I wrote it in a hurry for a performance, and never had a chance to clean it ( I don't have the camera ).
    Let me know if I can help...


  • Thanks Mehdi:  I went and found the technical manual of the RX550 and it indicates the use of CGI control.  The Sony SRG-360SHE does not indicate that.

    **In general, it is my guess that control of PTZ commands from a serial port is as simple as sending the hex code (supplied in the camera's tech manual) to the camera.  When using the TCP method, things seem to get a bit more complicated.**  
    In that I am not a "coding" kind of guy, the simple hex commands made great sense.  What I am in need of clarification is what is the data sets that need to be in the "TCP Send Data" actor.

  • Hi,

    I see here :
    It says that the 360-SHE can use CGI.

  • OK... thanks.  But in the two manuals I can find (Main manual, and Technical Manual) there is no listing how to control with CGI.  Do you know of a good document that can show me how this is done.

    Much Thanks!

  • Mehdi:

    The "TCP Send Data" content in your example is:

    "POST /command/ptzf.cgi HTTP/1.1" 0D 0A "Host:" 0D 0A "Connection: Keep-Alive" 0D 0A "Cache-Control: no-cache" 0D 0A "Content-Length: 11" 0D 0A 0D 0A "Move=left,8"

    The tech manual for the SRG-360 indicates for this same operation:

    Command set  "Pan-tiltDrive


    Command Packet= 81 01 06 01 VV WW 03 02 FF (VV is pan speed 0x18) (WW is Tilt speed 0x18)

    Using serial data connections in the past I simply placed the hex numbers and there was a response.  Using the TCP method... I am unable to get any camera responses. Can you suggest how the data you have listed would be incorporated for this camera?  I am obviously missing something.

    Thanks for the help!

  • You should check ip first, please try with computer + camera with static ips

    Then have a look in the user actors I posted, you should find some commands.
    Send me a private message if you want we can skype. I don't have the camera with me, so no way to test myself.