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    some of my friends are looking for a replacement for an audiovisual installation / performance.
    It doesn't involve Isadora but since I know people on this forum are very polyvalent, I thought I would give it a try.
    You would need some skills with arduino and ideally a bit 16mm projectors but mostly wicked installations... :)
    The visual part is operated as a duo, and only one of the guy is missing, so you won't be left all alone.
    Gigs are taking place in Norway on 21st, 26th and 29th October, setting up one day before each gig.
    Most convenient would be somebody located in the Bergen area, but they can fly you over.
    Here is the project web page:

    Tell me if you're interested, i'll put you in touch

  • Tech Staff

    If you haven't already; maybe post int he Isadora user Facebook Group?

  • thanks @Skulpture !

    Actually I was not in the group (don't know why...)
    I'll post it as soon as I get accepted

  • Tech Staff

    I've accepted you. :)

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