UDP output from Izzy Data Send

  • Does the new version of Izzy allow UDP output via the TCP Data send?

    I am trying to control a new Sony Camera that will only work via UDP TCP data send.  I saw a number of discussions in the past where people are asking for UDP connection.
    Please advise and thanks.

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    For the moment, the best is to use a max patch, receiving OSC from Isadora and sending UDP, if you dont have a friend with max licence, it's perhaps possible in pure-data

  • Try the OSC transmit actors, maybe it works?

  • OSC is UDP, I just did a test with the OSC transmit actor and a UDP receiving software and you can send strings easily, just enter the string in the address section.

  • Hi Fred:

    Could you explain a bit further?  I am attempting to send a hex code to control the PTZ of a Sony camera.  If I place the code in the address section as stated above, how do I actually trigger the code from OSC Transit to the camera?

  • The address input is just for the address.Try putting your data in the value input of the osc multi transmit (defaults to a digit, but you can trigger a text to it). Then set up a chain of actors triggering "transmit" with appropriate delays in between. You might also have to send carriage returns or other character in between you commands.

  • Actually there are two discussions regarding UDP transmit (see also

    I was searching for the same feature for controlling a Chamsys light console, and found a solution in this forum, which was developed by M_theater Berlin. The solution is, to send TCP data to Netcat on the same computer, which "translates" it to UDP and sends it to the desired IP address.

    Netcat is a program, which is part of Mac OS (called nc) and can be downloaded for Windows here:

    Here you find more information how the UDP connection worked between Isadora and Chamsys, in this discussion I included an Izzy patch with explanations:

    I'm sure it will work in this case also, but I really hope that there will be an Isadora actor which works without an extra program, hopefully in one of the next updates...

    Cheers, gunther

  • Hi, You might consider making UDP networking actors a feature request. Cheers Bonemap

  • Thanks to you all for the great suggestions!

  • I seem to have gotten closest using the OSC Multi-Transmit approach.  However, The string code output is being oddly translated.  Can anyone tell what is happening?  

    Here is what I am attempting to send out to the camera via the OSC Multi-Transmit (simple hex code that operates the camera "Home" command:

    01 00 00 05 00 00 00 00 81 01 06 04 FF

    Here is what is being shown via the OSC Monitor

    01 0 0 00  05  00 0 0 00  00  81 0 1 06 04 FF..

    The numeric groupings are being changed?  The camera is not responding from Isadora.  

    I am obviously missing something basic.  Looking for the light...

  • @bonemap

    I second that feature request.

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    Are you sending OSC messages directly to the camera?

    Best Michel

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