What are some interesting ways to use sound level watcher (and what's difference between ++ and non)

  • Hi, all

    I apologize if this question seems vague. I'm just trying to figure out the coolest ways to manipulate imagery with sound level watcher.  I want to set it up so that when people make noise into an external microphone, the image on screen changes in interesting ways. So far, all I've done is experiment with dots or hatched screen, and running the sound level into the mix amount of video mixer to bring in more or less of a second video layer.  What are some other unique ways to play with this feature?  I'm working with rock music and want people to be able to change the visuals on-screen when they sing back or make noise into the mic.  Also, on a side note, what is the difference between sound level watcher and ++?


  • @gomer_pyle

    I suggest you work your way through every effect within the Isadora palette, tweaking the various parameters as you go, layering effects, etc. this should get the juices flowing 
  • Izzy Guru

    Any actor with a ++ is basically a more advanced, or more feature heavy actor than the previous one.

  • Thank you both leben and skupture