• Hey everyone

    I am preparing to make a set of TVs that are installed in a public walkway lightly interactive with Isadora and i am wondering if anyone has any fun ideas they would like to share or experiences. 
    The Kiosk is in a large hallway that is very visible and about 3000k people pass it daily. in November several busses of High School students are coming for a fun workshop day and we thought it would be fun to make the TV interactive. I want to use a simple webcam and probably eyes+ for interactivity to fire off some animations and tweak some effects. Just getting started so i would love some discussion around what has worked for you in the past. I have done plenty of installation but not so much passive non-touch interactivity so i am open for some direction 
  • Izzy Guru

    Hi Patrick.

    I have used Isadora in a museum/art gallery in a similar style. In fact they are still there and I don't even work there anymore.
    Here are some basic guides to help: