Augmented Theatre for Android Beta testing

  • I have published a beta-version of the Augmented Theatre app for android, and would appreciate your beta-testing. Android devices are much more diverse than iOS ones, and at this point I would appreciate even the reports such as

    A) It does not run/install on my phone. Phone Model XXXX, Android Version XXX
    B) It does run/install on my phone. Phone Model XXXX, Android Version XXX.
    If B applies to you, it would be supercool if you could test it further using instructions (includes an Isadora patch) [here]( (
    The [link]( ( to the app allows 1000 users, no registration necessary.
    Thank you very much.

  • Installed and Running on my phone:

    BLU Life One X (2016)
    Android 5.1
    I started some of the test, some are working, some not, i'll do a proper report through email.
    Maybe it could be convenient if you could disable sleep mode through your app?

  • @Maxime Great, thanks a lot. I am setting the sleep mode off, but apparently it does not take effect. Will look into that, once I am finished with all the main features.

    Thanks again.

  • Installed and Running on my phone:

    Samsung J7
    Android 5.1.1
    the flashlight is permanently turned on and when you reach the "video" scene the application crash
    I will continue test
    Very interesting app
    Thanks for share

  • @olialonso Thanks for your report. Regarding flashlight –– yes, you describe the current limitation exactly, the problem is in the underlying Cinder library, which I will be trying to fix/work around once I am done with all the basic features.


  • moto g4

    android 6.0.1 
    it crashes when started.

  • Huawei P9 - EVA-L09

    Android 6.0
    Crash on startup.

  • @willystyle. The fix is available on the Google Play store. Thanks for your report.

  • @eight

    Thanks, that's starting up fine on the P9 now. I'll start testing as soon as I can.

  • Seriously, this is amazing! I can see so much potential here. As with @maxime, some things are working and some are not. I will write up my findings and send them over.

  • @willystyle Thanks! Please post your criticism and suggestions.


  • We found in productions that entering a realtime text through Isadora (where we control the rest of the media in the smartphones) is hard.

    So I quickly created a standalone program to easier send text to the Augmented theatre App.
    The demo of the program is here:
    The program (OS X) can be downloaded here:
    It works on port 3000 and broadcasts to
    Give it a go..