Wireless interfaces for sensors Isadora compatible (collaborative list)

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    we are to a point in which there are many interfaces for sending wirelessly sensor data into Isadora or other interactive software. Can we make here a collaborative list? I used for ages 
    [I](http://www.interface-z.fr)[nterface z](http://www.interface-z.fr) (France)
    [Icube](http://www.infusionsystems.com) (no actors for Isadora, needs java etc,). Of course Arduino but needs wifi shields to send osc and stil needs programming.
    [This page](https://www.music.mcgill.ca/~gary/306/week3/interfaces.html) from Mc.Gill University in Canada has some (but is out and Toaster and Kroonde are discitinued).
    [Midisense](http://www.ladyada.net/make/midisense/) needs to be built. ( ans I prefer osc, If it has to be midi I prefer 10 bits midi)
    [Motus](https://motus.io) is in preorder but just accelerometers and gyros
    [MO](http://www.nodesign.net/portfolio/mo) designed by Irma in collaboration with Nodesign is only accelerometers and gyros too
    [Sensorwiki](http://sensorwiki.org/doku.php/interfaces/introduction) page with lots of info but no all wireless and updated in 2012
    feel free to add what you know in wireless sensors interfaces.

  • iPod Touch had some nice wireless stuff from the very first one. MIDI and OSC.

    So does Wii.
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    Thanks Vanakaru. I was thinking to some more dedicated stuff for the body and / or in space.

    But this adds to the list anyway.

  • I use MYO going through MyoMapper to get OSC or MIDI into Isadora

  • It doesn't come wireless in its stock configuration - but I have had students easily adapted Makey Makey sensors into wireless devices.

    https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/11378 (hopefully there is a non retired solution still available somewhere and I'm just not finding it quickly.)

  • Esp8266 is looking good. 

    I've been using the Wemos units a bit these last couple of weeks.
    Cheap and you can program them using Arduino IDE.
    You can get them speaking OSC, haven't actually done it with Isadora but it should work!
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    I pre-ordered a Motus Thought it looked fun..

    Haven't received anything... very bad communication.
    I can't recommend it.
    Hopefully I receive a refund soon.

  • Now I use mostly Arduino, cheap and able of so many thinks, all kind of motors, IC2, analog and not very difficult to program. Raspberry is on my study list, with HD output and integrated wifi.

    Beside that, ipad for remote interface and wiimote for cheap remote on stage.

  • x-io has very nice boards

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    I like the x-io but £160? Ouch. I'm all for paying a fair price for a good product but that seems a lot.

  • I think the same, but they seem to be very reliable. Does any body know a board with these characteristics for a cheaper price?

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    Not wireless