Comparator, Calculator or some other Logic

  • Hi all this is for a game,

    I need to compare 3 numbers and have 3 outcomes.
    3 Players with right or wrong answers for each.
    So, player 1 is right, player 2 is right and player 3 is right, then I play sound EFX #1
    If all 3 players are wrong I play sound EFX #2
    If the 3 players have any mix of any right or wrong, then play sound EFX #3
    All right, trigger #1
    All wrong, Trigger #2
    Else, Trigger #3
    Thanks for any ideas.

  • Count the correct answers, then compare or use inside range.

  • Yes I think that will work. The addition of each scenario creates a unique number that I can use 3 comparators to give me the 3 different outcomes. Thanks