• I know this looks bad at first to users, but for anyone who works with Izzy it would be a godsend.

    Instead of tip of the day appearing when you start up Izzy, it would be great to have it access a version aware list of bugs and show you any known bugs for the version you are booting into- maybe this could even be a stand alone app or a webpage???. 
    As far as I know there are no bug free versions and sometimes this means skipping between a feature you need and a bug. It would be super helpful if, as bugs are confirmed for a version they could go into a database, when I start up a version I can choose to see a summary of the bugs I am working with. It does not have to update constantly, but if there is an internet connection the software can grab the updated json file and show me what I am working with.
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    @Fred @Mark

    Dear Fred I do understand your frustration, I often have the same problem. Give us time to think about a solution. 
    Best Michel

  • It was not meant sound harsh. Every software has bugs, a visible list would be useful. As we use Isadora live, unlike something you use in a studio where you can find a workaround in time with Izzy and other live performance software we need to know before we run a show.

  • How about listing the bugs and other known issues in the release notes, and make the release notes one of the options in the help menu?

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    The thing is that up to now there are no release notes for beta versions only for the final ones.
    Best Michel

  • I think the important thing is that the bug list is updated for each versions as bugs are found

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    I could imagine another menu option for, 'development status' perhaps.

    Where this information was supplied like Fred mentioned.
    Since bugs are tracked in a database, and labeled, it is possible.. we may need to adjust our current labels etc, to allow for cleaner queries..