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    Sinds the last update to 2.4.5b16, I think that Isadora doesn't make an internet connection.
    Now when i have a crash this note pops up:

    Please note that you cannot restart the application after more than 50 time use without internet connection ( Current count is 38 ). Once you use the application with the internet connection, the counter of checking controller will go down to zero.

    I checked the firewall and even disabled it. but nothing changed.

    Is this a bug or a wrong setting?
  • Tech Staff

    I have never seen this alert.

    I didn't even know it existed. 

  • @GertjanB

    Absolutely no idea no this one. That is not a text that I ever wrote.
    Are you on Windows or Mac?
    If you are quoting this dialog exactly, the English is not correct, which makes me suspicious.
    No variation of search terms brought anything up on this error on Google. That makes me really suspicious.
    Best Wishes,
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    I'm on a mac. (10.11.6)

    I included a screenshot of the report.
    I get it every time isadora crashes. but only on the new beta version, when i work in 2.2.2 i don't have the popup.


  • Dear @GertjanB,

    Wait. I _might_ know what it is. Do you guys use the Sassafras Keyserver version of Isadora?
    Best Wishes,
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    I'm not working with the sassafras keyserver, 
    Maybe I hade something installed wrong. I deleted everything en reinstalled. I don't get the popup if I crash it bud maybe the counter is back to zero. if it comes back up I'll let you know.
    I also got the firewall pop up back when i start up so i think the problem won't come back.
    Thank you for the help
    With kind regards