Missing Renderer and The Edge actor

  • I saw a tutorial in which 3D lines were sent to the Renderer, but I've searched and can't find renderer anywhere.  I tried both the older version and the newest Isadora and it's missing from both.  Any insight as to why this may be?

    On a side note, I also can't find "The edge" and attempting to follow this tutorial:


    How do you get that duplicating effect seen in the video? Is The Edge necessary for that? Looking at the patch and trying to figure out exactly which actor does that effect.

  • Izzy Guru


    The renderer has been replaced with the virtual stage actor. 
    The edge is a classic actor that works with cpu. To show all the classic actors go to the menu: Isadora>>Preferences>>General and at the bottom in the section User Interface unmark the box "Hide Depricated (Classic) Plugins From Toolbox" then the edge and the classic 3d renderer will appear.
    Best Michel

  • Thank you Michel, that sure clears it up!