• Is there a Basic tutorial anywhere telling the steps to set up having ion cues trigger Isadora scenes?  I have the Mio Midi connect cable, I have the Izz actors that a previous show used, but I have no clue what to write in the ion midi raw data line to make the connection.

  • Dear @bcraig,

    If you wanted to send a MIDI control change message, the format is like this
    Bn cc vv
    where n is a single hexadecimal "nybble" between 0 and F (0 to 15), cc is the controller number from 00 to FF (0 to 127), and vv is the controller value from 00 to FF (0 to 127).
    If you enter the data in hexadecimal could write something like
    B0 01 xx
    where xx is a value from 00 to 7F. If you do it in decimal, then it would be
    176 1 xx
    where xx is a value from 0 to 127.
    Then you could use a Control Change Watcher in Isadora set with the 'channel' to 1', the 'controller' to 1, and the 'value' to whatever you entered as xx above. 
    I don't know the Ion at all. But maybe that's enough to get you going?
    Best Wishes,

  • The Ion does not send normal MIDI, but it does send MIDI Show Control (MSC).  You need to go into the show control menu on the ION (Menu/setup/show settings) and turn the send MIDI function on, then you can add a Midi Show Control watcher in Isadora.  You need to make sure that the MSC transmit channel on the ION is the same as the Device ID in Isadora.  Once it is set up, every time you hit GO on the ION, the cue number is transmitted to Isadora.  Be warned that the cue number is received as text, not a float, in Isadora, which makes parsing the cue numbers a little harder. I have some actors that I could share if you are interested.


  • The recent EOS and Nomad threads about controlling Isadora via OSC are also relevant, because EOS, ION and Nomad all speak the same language.

  • @craigalfredson Hi Craig, I am trying to have ION trigger Isadora for a show. Could you share the actors? 

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    @yjk said:

    @craigalfredson Hi Craig, I am trying to have ION trigger Isadora for a show. Could you share the actors? 

    Have a look at this thread for how to use OSC to do this. I have a basic setup and @Juriaan posted a patch that's probably better than my basic one.

    I've also posted my MIDI Show Control System that I've used for this in the past (if you want to go the MIDI route): https://community.troikatronix.com/topic/5543/midi-show-control-scene-navigation-cueing-system

    Best wishes,