• Hello.

    As the title said, I have a problem with Isadora. It freezes when starting up.
    This is what I have done. From the beginning there was no problem at all.
    I made 5 different session files while I was developing my sequencer.
    All of sudden, Isadora just stopped when I tried to open the latest session files.
    so i assumed that there was something wrong with my file.
    However, I found out that Isadora just freezes if i just open it by double-cliking isadora icon on windows.
    The funny thing is that if i start Isadora by double-clicking the first made session then, it works fine.
    to solve the problem, I re-installed isadora 2.2\. it still does not work. 
    To find out the exact problem, I even tried to install Isadora 2.1\. It just works but my session file was made on 2.2
    so I can not use what I have done so far.
    I dont know what to do to figure out this problem.
    there is my set-up
    Cpu : i7-4th generation
    HDD : SSD 512GB
    OS : Windows 8.1
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Tech Staff

    Have you submitted a formal bug report?

  • Tech Staff

    When it freezes, is there isadora.exe in the task manager?
    Can you kill the process, and restart isadora?
    If the Isadora application is loading as expected without a .izz file being opened.

    It may be that the izz file is corrupt. You may need to re-open a previous version and continue to work from there.

  • There is a 2.5 pre-release version you can try posted at the top of the forum
    Also try running Isadora and pausing the engine then opening the show.