• Hi All,
    I know, it's not a directly Isadora related question, but I need your advices.
    For a show, I have a on stage, one macbookpro (running Isadora) fed with 3 webcams, and outputting to one large LCD screen and a beamer.
    I'm driving sound and videos during the show. So, to hear well, I have to be in the control room, behind the audience.
    I obviously cannot place the video computer in control room for cable lengh reasons.
    I plan to remotely send cues to the stage computer, using the screen sharing app. For the moment (rehearsals) it works well, even with a wireless network.
    In order to be as reliable as it can be, I will use a wired (RJ45-CAT6) dedicated network.

    Has anybody tried to play a show with remote desktop ? Did you encounter any issue ?
    What advices could you give me to be more reliable and secure ?

    Thanks izzy folks.


  • Instead you could use a second isadora session on the remotecomputer sending OSC commands to the Video Laptop. With OSC Listener, it can trigger cues/scenes.

    The same is possible with Midi, if the remote computer is osx driven too. OSX is supporting Midi over Network. Depending on wich audiosoftware you use, you could send midi triggers directly from it.

  • I always put my computer in the control room, It's the best place to be to see and hear all the elements. The computer outputs are HDMI converted to SDI and feed to the main Video router so the feeds can go anywhere in the facility and stage. Yes more expensive but way more flexible.

  • @ craigw
    HDMI over SDI (or RJ45) of course (although we can't afford it) but I cannot put the computer in the control room because of the 3 USB cameras..

    I planned to send OSC commands via a second Isadora session, but on another screen I'd like to see what's really happening on my stage computer..
    Have you ever done that ?


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    @fifou I have set up a few shows where I am controlling remote machines. Remote Desktop has worked fine. I have also used Apple Script to launch and close secondary applications on remote machines (i.e. apps that Syphon video into the Izzy patch), using Remote Desktop to activate, monitor and override the action if necessary. Internally linking isadora patches across multiple machines using Computer ID in Izzy Preferences and then NetBroadcaster and Listener actors was the feature that turned me onto Isadora back in 2002. It is still an amazing feature to be able to distribute machines around a space and have them all controlled from a single patch at the operations desk. I went out and bought a 100m spool of cat5 cable and put a connector on each end and have been using it to run remote machines through Isadora ever since. At the time of Isadora's release this feature was available in vastly more expensive and coveted solutions such as Watchout.

    One thing to take care of is the amount of OSC, UDP or other net traffic through your wired/wireless router. I have run shows where data flows have competed between different functions of image and sound (using Izzy and MAX and UDP iOS cameras) and latency issues were evident, but that is the nature of UDP/TCP. However, this has never stopped a show. You will want to setup a dedicated network router for your patch.

  • Thanks a lot Bonemap,

    That was that kind of answers I was looking for.
    Thanks for your tips. I will only have one slave computer, so I think I'll go for OSC messages, plus remote desktop to see what's going on.. in case..


  • Hello,

    I often use it, like Bonemap. OSC to do the remote commands in both ways (master to slave and slave to master) with slave in demo mode. I use Mac screen sharing to make direct change to the slave.
    And RJ45, not WiFi. Working flawlessly.

  • Thanks Jacques,
    That's exactly what I want to do..

    I'm in test phase and have some problems.
    Using a direct RJ45 cable between the two computer, manual ip config ( &

    OSC Remote scene navigation works, but not all the time..
    Reply the name of the scene works, but not all the time..

    Sometimes osc command is lost, don't know where..
    Patches work great on the same computer in localhost mode..

    A clue anyone ?
    Test patches included.


    7b040c-remote-control.izz 11fc62-slave.izz

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    Hi, What is the cable length? Do you have access to a powered network router to boost the signal? Regards Bonemap

  • For testing, the cable is 1 meter long !
    No switch for the moment, direct from computer to computer.

  • the ip numbers you gave are not the best for private use.

    I recommend this one: 192.168.1.X (X between 1 and 254) with as subnet mask and nothing in the router and DNS line
    You need also to close your WiFi! It's very difficult to have a network with RJ45 and wifi together. .
    With a 100m RJ45 and a switch I have no lost packet.
    The best way is to use the Pinger in network assistant to test the communication.

  • Hi Jacques,

    I'm working again on this remote thing.
    I've done the exact same setup. And.. it's working ! No lost messages at all.
    Same IP adresses, same RJ45 cable..
    I'm happy but I'd like to understand why..

    I'm going to use it intensely for the 3 next weeks.
    Maybe I'll find the culprit by myself.

    Thanks for all your advices.
    All the Best