• Hello guys, I have an urgend question regarding the Sierra gui issues. How big are these really. Absolutely intolerable?! The thing is, I needed to rent an iMac for some upcoming shows from tomorrow. This iMac will be shipped with Sierra installed. As this is in Netherland, there would only be the possibility to get another one with dutch language version, beside the extra cost to the extra iMac. Can someone exactly describe the gui issue of Isadora on Sierra?! Thanks Dill

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    Mark has fixed it and we hoping to release the version ASAP.

    The issues are outlined here:

  • Hi Dill, I upgraded to Sierra but found Izzy extremely difficult to program. Dragging actors into the workspace and patching them was a very slow process with a huge hit on the FPS. Once the actors were patched the FPS count would return to normal. Even though Mark provided a lot of assistance I had to downgrade to El Capitan. From my experience if all you require from your show machine is playback of an Izzy file you should be OK with Sierra - tweaking things during a Tech will potentially cause you problems.

  • Ok, thank you for your Info's. I had the possibility to change to a MacMini with el captain. It's slightly less powerful, but should be sufficient. @Paz As I would only work with controls in a pre programmed simple patch, you think everything would work fine?

  • @DillTheKraut I was able to use my Korg NanoKey Studio to successfully move through scenes and alter parameters without a problem. For me the problem was generating a scene. Have a great show.

  • Thank you @paz

  • I have two Mac systems and have not experienced the frame drop issue on the newer mid 2016 MacBook - it has the AMD graphics card.

    My older MacBook that has the Nvidia graphics card does have the frame drop issue.
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  • Dear @DillTheKraut and @Paz,

    Have you read this: https://support.troikatronix.c...

    For sure, if you have the Adobe Creative Cloud Widget, you should turn it off. Several users reported everything was back to normal after turning it off. Similarly, I would disable DropBox syncing or anything else like that to see if it has an effect.

     There are many user complaints on Adobe's site about system slowdowns related to this software. It seems to cause problems for all kinds of apps, not just Isadora.

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