Can't get 3d particles to work

  • I'm following this guide on 3d particles:

    and I'm doing everything he's done, but can't get particles to appear.  One youtube commenter said z translate has to be -100, and so I tried that and got a single particle.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? How can I get more particles?  See screenshot below:


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    I'm Graham who made the tutorial. I will re-crate the file and send it to you.
    Cheers :)

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    As attached.

    Use the snapshots to change some values.


  • Thank you Graham!!!!

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    Welcome. I couldn't see everything in your screenshot; and its a big actor so it was easier to create it again.

    Did you click on some of the snapshots? It should help understand what's being done.

  • I used the 3D Particle actor (cpu) back in 2014.  I had the start color, mid color , and end color controlled by a  Korg nano midi, value 1 to 127.

    All worked well then. 
    After an Izzy update (2.0 I believe), the colors would only change to dark blue and black. 
    Now I tried to recreate the same scene with GPU 3D Particle actor, but have the same problem.  When I move the control knob, the color immediately changes to dark blue or black. I cannot see any way to adjust the parameters of the color selections. 
    I can click directly on the box and manually change the color, but not with the midi controller. 
    Win 7 64 bit
    Isadora 2.4.5b04

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    well I do not have a PC but please download the newest beta and check if the problem persists
    Best Michel

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    For color, you may need to add a 'RGBA to color' actor (or HSB) infront of the color input.

    Version 2 added Alpha support to all colors. This has changed things just a bit.

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    There was a similar question in another thread about changing colors with a midi device of a shape actor. With the classic actor you did not have the opacity value and with a slider you only had a limited range of colors. But to get a similar effect with only one slider attach a "Color Maker HSB" to the fill color and connect the slider to the hue input.

    Best Michel

  • I used the HSBA actor and had a productive evening. 
    I will also add here (because of the reference to Graham's tutorial above) that the 3D Render actor has been replaced with the Virtual Stage actor. 


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