• Hello anyone,

    I found some strange behavior, but don't really know if it is wanted like that or a bug.
    create several scenes with a projector in each getting some input. create one scene with an activate scene actor only.
    If you now active the scenes, one by one with the activate scene actor, the last activated scene has the highest layer priority, always.
    This is regardless of the layer values that are set at the projectors in each scene.
    Is this wanted like that? It's not a big issue now, but I need to build a work around for a patch I do.
    I tried this with Isadora 2.2.2, 2.1, 2.0.5
  • Tech Staff

    This is interesting. Are you testing using Opaque layering?

  • Just checked and can confirm that Izzy always places the last activated scene to the foreground, regardless of the layer settings. 541603-activate_scene_layer.izz

  • Yeah, its on opaque too...

  • I'm seeing the same thing using 2.2.2, however it works as expected in 1.3.1

  • I experienced that too. Is there possibility to set layer priority somewhere. I work with layers and sometimes I am ending up in a mass.

  • Tech Staff

    What layering mode are you using?
    Grouped by scene, or ungrouped? (option in file/layering menu)

  • Grouped by scene, at mine.

  • @DusX, sorry if I don't get this. Is this behaviour intended and related to the setting you mentioned? If yes I find it a bit irritating to see this "(v1.x Compatible)" as it seem to say it should not be used with new patches. ´

    I could not find any description for this.
  • Tech Staff

    The 'Grouped' method allows for the cleaner 'cinematic' style cross-fades introduced with Version 2.

    The 'Ungrouped' option is compatible with older files (opening a earlier format file will automatically set this option).
    'Grouped' is the new default. It basically flattens all output from a specific scene, so that it can be beautifully mixed with the next scene.
    'Ungrouped' keeps each output in its set layer.. and allows for some very interesting cross mixing of media.(crossfades like bringing your fingers together and intermixing/locking the fingers)
    I am unsure if the issue originally posted in this thread is intended behaviour or not.
    A more detailed description of these mixing methods would be a great topic for an official Knowledge Base article.
    @mark , is there more you can add? 

  • @DusX Thank you for the detailed description. I think I understood now that my original issue is a by Izzy intended behavior, but can be switched by the 'grouped' setting. In this case the "(v1.x Compatible)" extension in the menu is a bit disturbing, as it could mean this feature might disappear in future versions.