• i'm using 0f.25 quite a bit at the moment and i've noticed a couple of issues with my workspace. sometimes the window i'm working in will change size and the handles disappear - there's no little red/yellow/green dots in the topleft corner to change this. the only way out is to copy my patch into a new project.

    then this evening, as i was working with a control panel, its edit menu wouldn't go away, despite disabling edit mode, or hiding and then showing controls. i had to close the project and open it up again and then it was fine.
    just thought i'd let you know.
    anybody else have these problems?

  • Dear John,

    That's the first I've heard of them. But when you mean "red/yellow/green" do you mean the buttons at the very top of the window, in the "title bar" area? If so, that's totally weird because that's all done by Mac OS -- not by Isadora.
    And when you say "edit menu" in the Control Panel, do you mean the "pop-up toolbox" that allows you to select the actors?
    Is there any means to recreate the problem? Or is it randomish?
    Best Wishes,

  • yeah - thats it - the 3 little circle buttons and scrollbars all disappeared a few times last week.

    and in the control panel - its the list of control 'actors' that appears on the left hand side - it wouldn't disappear.
    and its all randomish. (i had a couple of actors freeze on me today - eyes++ and a wave generator - had to relaunch izzy to get them to work)

  • Well, hmmmm.... having the buttons in the title bar disappear seems impossible -- thought I don't doubt that it really happened. Especially if you're on 10.6.8.

    I don't know what to say except to keep watch and see if any pattern emerges, If you can give me a bit more of a hint how to make it happen, I'll most definitely fix it.
    Best Wishes,

  • We had that a little this week, at some points the top bar of the window vanishes up under the menu bar, and you have to change screen resolution to get it back.

    Were you using the grid at the time?  It was the first time we'd played with it and it seemed the obvious change.
    On Mac LION.

  • Ok -- dbini -- is that what happened to you? The title bar ended up under the menu bar, thus hiding the three buttons?

    -- Mark

  • Same here (mac lion - .25) - title bar at times is under the menu bar. Opening System Prefs fixed it.

  • that's probably what happened.... if it happens again i'll try system prefs, thanks simon

  • Izzy Guru

    Is this what people mean?

  • that's it G, it happened last week, and i went to system prefs>displays>detect displays and it resized everything properly.

  • Izzy Guru

    It happened to me when I opened a file a friend emailed to me. So the file was not one I created.

    I know he is running Lion and i'm not but apart from that out machine specs are the same. Weird.
    I think this is a finder thing because as soon as I dragged the corner onto my second display it jumped/popped back down and sorted itself out.
    I've had similar problems before with Max/Msp + Jitter. 

  • Dear All,

    Well, this is a problem that seems to have recently cropped up -- probably with 10.7 (as I've never, ever seen this in 10.6)
    I can perhaps see how it would happen when sending a file to someone else -- I'll need to investigate that. (Skulpture: don't suppose you have the original, unmodified file that caused the problem? Having that might help.)
    But what I can't figure out is how to get this to happen when manipulating the windows on my own. No combination of dragging, resizing, or anything I can think of will cause the title bar to go under the menu bar. If someone has a hint for me, please do share it.
    Best Wishes,
  • Beta Tester

    Whenever I've had this issue, it was caused by opening a file from another computer or by changing the display configuration on my computer.

  • Beta Tester

    Also, one of the involved computers is always running either lion or mountain lion.

  • i'm on snow leopard, and i guess it happened when starting up after plugging in a different resolution thing. (i've been working with a DHTG in the studio in the day, then on a 40" TV at home in the evening)

  • Izzy Guru

    Sent you an email with the .izz file @Mark