• Ok -- dbini -- is that what happened to you? The title bar ended up under the menu bar, thus hiding the three buttons?

    -- Mark

  • Same here (mac lion - .25) - title bar at times is under the menu bar. Opening System Prefs fixed it.

  • that's probably what happened.... if it happens again i'll try system prefs, thanks simon

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    Is this what people mean?

  • that's it G, it happened last week, and i went to system prefs>displays>detect displays and it resized everything properly.

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    It happened to me when I opened a file a friend emailed to me. So the file was not one I created.

    I know he is running Lion and i'm not but apart from that out machine specs are the same. Weird.
    I think this is a finder thing because as soon as I dragged the corner onto my second display it jumped/popped back down and sorted itself out.
    I've had similar problems before with Max/Msp + Jitter. 

  • Dear All,

    Well, this is a problem that seems to have recently cropped up -- probably with 10.7 (as I've never, ever seen this in 10.6)
    I can perhaps see how it would happen when sending a file to someone else -- I'll need to investigate that. (Skulpture: don't suppose you have the original, unmodified file that caused the problem? Having that might help.)
    But what I can't figure out is how to get this to happen when manipulating the windows on my own. No combination of dragging, resizing, or anything I can think of will cause the title bar to go under the menu bar. If someone has a hint for me, please do share it.
    Best Wishes,
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    Whenever I've had this issue, it was caused by opening a file from another computer or by changing the display configuration on my computer.

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    Also, one of the involved computers is always running either lion or mountain lion.

  • i'm on snow leopard, and i guess it happened when starting up after plugging in a different resolution thing. (i've been working with a DHTG in the studio in the day, then on a 40" TV at home in the evening)

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    Sent you an email with the .izz file @Mark