• hi all, i noticed a strange behaviour since 2.1 with the initialisation of my webcams (logitec c920 and others logitec). at the first launch, the webcam appears but there is always a big lag so that i have to quit isadora, change the usb port and relaunch the app again to make my live feed working as expected. it happens every time when i start up my computer, if it's sleeping, no problem: when i re-launch isadora i can use the webcam normaly but if i shut down the computer i must change the usb port otherwise there will be a lag... it doesn't happen with the thunderbolt connection (BM shuttle). isadora 2.1/2.2/2.3.../2.4b13 mac os 10.9.3 maverick macpro 2013 trashcan i hope i'm clear enough (excuse my english)

  • Tech Staff

    Have you checked the logitec site for an updated driver?

  • Hi Artoo,

    I have close to the same behaviour with my config.
    3x Logitech C920 on a MacBookPro. 1 webcam working, 2 webcams lagging. Sometimes, 1 cam not recognized..
    My solution is to boot without usb connected, plug the webcams one after another, and then launch Isadora.

    Don't know where it comes from..


  • editing error.

  • @dusX: there is no driver for logitec's webcam under osx... @fifou: yes i used to work with 2 or 3 c920 too and we have apparently the same problem... your path to cut it seems great, i'll try it. anyway it's not a big problem ´cause it works at relauch... thanks guys

  • Izzy Guru

    I have a Logitech C920 and dont have any problems - yet! 

  • @ skulpture
    Maybe it's because you have only one !