Two Stage Output Only Activates One Stage

  • I'm trying to run a two-projector setup and treating each projector as its own stage. When I open Isadora > Preferences and assign my screens as stages, it lists my computer monitor and each projector as an option in the drop-down menu. I set my RP as Stage 1 and my FP as Stage 2. However, when I Show Stages, only Stage 1 goes black; Stage 2 just shows my desktop background. If I go into Output > Stage Setup or Show Grid, it only shows Stage 1 grid.
    I'm running IsadoraCore USB 2.2.2 on a Mac Pro. When I open System Preferences on the computer, it shows my computer monitor and both projectors. When I open QLab, it sees both projectors and lets me send video individually to each projector.
    I've never used a 2-projector setup like this with Isadora so I don't know if this is an actual bug or if it's me doing something wrong in the settings. Does anybody have any ideas about how to solve this?

  • Tech Staff

    Can you provide screen captures of your different configuration windows?
    This should be a fairly simple setup, so its bound to be something minor.

  • Tech Staff

    In your projector actor are you changing the stage from 1 to stage 2? Next to the white text?

  • @Dusx I can do some screencaps shortly that may shed some light on this. It seems like a simple enough setup, I agree!

    @Skulpture yes, I am making the stage change in the projector actor but I think it's a deeper issue because "show grid" will not even show the grid on that projector. 

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