Setup an unregular pulse/trigger

  • sound like a simple thing, but somehow I just dont get it.
    I want to have a trigger signal wich varies randomly at a distance between 1 and 60 seconds. I tried pulse generator, trigger delay and envelope generator, but there seems to a kind of recursive issue which prevents me from getting this done. when trying to

    Would be glad about any idea...

  • this should do itfd1ab9-screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-21.43.53.png

  • @niknaim


    I have quite the same problem with recursive calculation using a trigger value. The only way I could find to solve it is to add a Value delay line parallel to the Trigger value, but with the output connected to nothing... Why it works is really strange.

  • I tried  to add an other calculator and it make it works...strange...

  • Tech Staff

     Yes, a circular patch such as that must branch in someway. This is both an optimization and a precaution (I beleive).

    Generally this doesn't cause issue because you would want something to be 'done' with the value produced by the loop.

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