Seamless Loop and 4k playback

  • Does anyone have great 4k playback? I am on OSX, it would be great to know codecs and data rates. I don't need interactivity, just perfect playback with mapping. I feel like it is not super smooth (late 2013 MBPR with 2 gig nvidia card, Isadora 2.5 beta 20).

    I also really need a seamless loop in this scenario. On my test machine (not really ideal for this I know) I get a little jitter - double frame at the end of every loop.  I need to record the output to test exactly what it is- last frame sticking I guess.
    I also need to fade between 2 4k videos - I am using a datapath to get 4x HD outputs and need the mapping and the ability to fade to a different movie....The fade at the moment feels a little rocky.
    It would be great to know someones experience.

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    I did make a few tests with 4K movies. The 2 codecs that worked best was either Apple ProRes 422 or HAP, HAP seemed to perform a bit better. I did the main tests on a mid 2012 MacBook Pro with 8GB of RAM and 1 gig NVIDIA GeForce 650M card, I had occasionally stutters but could not say when they appeared. 
     I now have bought the latest of the old MacBook Pros mid 2015 (to avoid the "only thunderbolt 3 connections" for hopefully another 4 years) with 16GB of RAM and 2 GB AMD Radeon R9 M370X. The performance is really great (though the fan of the new one goes up very quickly). I can crossfade two 4K videos very smooth.
    Best Michel

  • With 2.2 I once had the experience that cross-fading over scenes isn't smooth as with the video mixer actor. Even if there is a player and projector only in the scenes.

  • @Michel , wow what a difference HAP makes, it is really smooth and I get seamless loops again and the fades are smooth, bigger files, but I can deal with that. 

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    Nice to hear that it works for you.
    Best Michel

  • I think you should check out this site - 4k vj loops, they make great videos and many tutorial on how to create a video loop.

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