Have movie paused at scene start

  • How can i come into a scene with a movie visible but not yet playing. Then play it on my command? For example I have a video of clouds dissipating but I want to see the clouds and then start the movie on a cue to dissipate them.

  • Tech Staff

    Click on the white text and change the 'Initialize' to off.  d0bc37-screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-17.23.49.png

  • Tech Staff

    Well this would not show the first frame of the movie, @larsoning wants to enter scene and then only see the first frame and then with a button press starting the movie.
    What you have to do is instead of changing the initialize value of the visibility, change the speed initialized value to 0.
    Best Michel

  • Great, thanks Michel! Worked perfectly.

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