Mapper quad selection heierarchy

  • Lots of posts on the mapper these last few days as I am trying to make use of it in a fast repeatable workflow. Again, I am not sure if this a design feature, so if I can get some feedback then I will submit a bug report or feature request appropriately.

    I am having trouble understanding the selection logic for overlapping points on the mapper. 
    I am using the snapping and have quads that share vertexes. I feel like I should click in the centre of the quad and then that quad becomes the focus, ie I click in the quad in the top left corner and if I go for any of the points of that quad that are shared with any other quad I will be moving the points form the top left as I click inside it last.
    However there seems to be another logic, most often the points I drag that share vertexes are not from the last quad I clicked into. But I am looking for the logic. 
    Also on a few rare occasions in the output mapper I have gone to move one of the points that share vertexes and it moves the point of two quads at once. I tried shift click quads to reproduce this behaviour but cannot make it work. In some circumstances this could be great, I am not sure how it happened or how to reproduce it. 
    So it would be great to know what is built in logic (and maybe why) and what is features from these experiences.
  • Tech Staff

    Fred. Not a solution or explanation but maybe helpful to your current work. Try making use of the layer solo option. Once solo is active for a layer there will be no conflict selecting points.

  • Yes, that was how I got around it, lots of extra clicking away from the task at hand.

  • This is something I get into often too. I think, at least the editing of points should be restricted to the splice/layer that is actually marked/active.