Streaming to Android - Can anyone help me out?

  • Hi all,

    I need some help with a project. I want to be able to stream a video feed to an Andriod device (well lots at the same time actually)
    I have gone through lots and lots of apps (splashtop etc.) but there is always (ALWAYS!) a lag and crappy frame rate.
    Anyone out there know how to stream Izzy straight in? Or anyone want to build me an app? (I have budget!)
    ANy ideas welcome
  • Izzy Guru

    This could be a good one for @eight ?

  • @Sculpture –– no Augmented Theatre does not handle streaming to it. I tried to stream off of a smartphone from my own asio–based app to a desktop application, and found it very unreliable (the same symptoms described in the original post). I would not say, though, that streaming TO dozens of devices is impossible reliably and with a small lag outright. I would check gstreamer framework as a first candidate, but that would require some research and testing, with a result that is not guaranteed. Therefore I am hesitant to offer my help.


  • Use a relay server or one the multicast transfer features on ruckus or other high end routers. They will let you do a single broadcast and the router will take of the multicast load.

  • Hi,

    You may have tried it already, but the people at TECHLIFE have some interesting apps. For example, TLSyphonViewer and now are also implementing the NDI protocol. I wrote them once to add some features to one app, TLRemoteCamera for Android and I included them, without costs. Maybe you might be interested in talking to them.
    I hope it can be helpful.

  • Hi,

    Like jandraka, I used once TLSyphonServer to stream an image from Isadora to an IPhone with TLSyphonViewer.
    If you have a good connection, it works great..