• Hello I  m using the black magic pocket and the intensity thunderbolt . There is no sound when i m recording  media. My camera plugged in the intensity , and it goes in the thunderbolt connectic. 
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    MBP 2,3 mghtz quad, 16 g ram ,Izz 2 2 2, Bmpkct, intensity shuttle thunderbold
  • Izzy Guru


    If you are talking about recording with Isadora, then yes there is now sound. Isadora does not capture sound. 
    Best Michel

  • Thanks Michel, that's it, i wanted to recorded an event and reviewed it instantenly.

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  • Use media express that comes with the unit and drag the file directly into izzy.

  • Thx you Fred

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  • Some time ago for a dance project, I used in parallel Isadora's buffer to store images and max/msp buffer to store incoming audio and was able to replay it instantly, just managing a delay on sound play to stay in sync with images.

    It was also working with stage capture, if you need a permanent recording. You just have a delay between end of recording and start of playing.
    You can also do it with Ableton Live

  • Thank you Jacques