• Hello,

    Working on a project, I have a problem with Eyes++. I send a very clean image with 3 white forms, Eyes++ recognize easily the blobs, but swap the blobs very quickly. I tried all the settings, "smoothing", "same max dist", "same area change", "lifespan" but it change nothing to that problem.
    Have anybody an idea to avoid this very annoying behavior?
    I join a capture of the setting and the patch (not working because you havent the syphon coming from isadora).
    Thank you in advance.

    2b12a0-blobsdecoder.jpg 837a45-envoireceptimages.izz

  • Tech Staff

    What circumstances cause the 'swap'?

    Are the blobs required to overlap or get close to each other?
    Perhaps, one disappears for a frame?

  • There is some noise in the signal coming from the kinect, but the tracked object are quite stable.

    the objects stay apart but the color of blobs jump from one to other, swapping the number.
    I am presently searching an algorithm to choose at each following frame what is the more proximate blob, as to fix the problem deswapping the blob.
    Not so easy but I tried all the parameters in Isadora and it keep to scramble the order.

  • @DusX

    Finally I made an average script trough 5 frames in Processing (its a reconstructed image from kinect rawDepth values), before send it to Isadora.
    Now the blobs stay with the same objects and the 5 frames supl. delay is acceptable.
  • Tech Staff

    I was going to suggest using Motion Blur... to add multiple frames together.. I have done something like this before and it helped eliminate noise.