Screen setup global edge blend global keystone

  • I have a project that should be simple, mapping on a building from an awkward angle with two blended projectors, tried with Isaodra and it was very disappointing. Tips would be appreciated.

    Screen setup in 2.2.2 is dodgy, clicking away from entering numbers in the keystoning often resets them to Zero. Keystoning in the screen setup and the Global keystoing are not aware of each other, IMHO they should be linked, same as the global edge blend. Key stoning in stage setup is very very slow, you cannot move the corner points with a mouse- why is this? It seems you should be able to.

    The alignment grid is not affected by the blend or the keystone, this makes it pretty useless.
    In the global edge blend the curve does nothing, seems like it is not linked. 
    Global edge blend and global keystone sometimes do not stick, un reliable. I made a full warp and blend for two projectors off axis for mapping on a building and go to the next scene and it is gone, is this global?
    The incrementation on all blending and keystoning actors and values MUST be 1 pixel at a time. -100 to 100 takes up a lot of time entering decimal points.
    Entering values into the stage setup takes forever, at least make the scroll wheel work or click and drag, but typing makes it unuseable unless you have hours. Again being able to grab the corner points would be the best.
    Does anyone have a good solution for blending? The stage setup is way too slow and the actors seem unrealiable. Or is there at least a functional version of Izzy for blending?

  • Have you tried version 2.4.5b20 ... i had some iussues in the pervious versions with edge-blending


  • Ok, I was trying for a release as I had other problems with the mapper in the beta. But I switched and what a difference, it mostly works.

    I still have problems picking up the keystone points on overlapping sides of the stages.
    The gamma curve does not seem quite right, when I make a large gradient and move the curve there are non uniform gradients that make the blend not so smooth.
    It would be great to see the blend boundaries as a line so you can line up the start and end and then play with the curves to get a smooth fade.
    I am wondering why there is the need for the curves actually. If you get the position correct isnt there only one curve to use? If I use something like D3 it has no curve control but really great blending, I just have to tell wit where the overlap is...

  • I am using test pictures for the blend adjustments including grey gradients. There are available two methods stage setup or the blend actors. I am performing the fine adjustment of the corners with an iPad and teamviewer. you could trim each edge of the stage with different curves. This approach is for my level of precsion sufficient.

  • I can confirm that in 2.4.5b20 on OSX the edge curvature with use sharpness gamma curve has no effect on the blend only the normal blend modes have an effect.